Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boobies. That's our safe word for when things are getting a little too depressing.

First off, I am really happy that Barack Obama won the US Presidential Election. Congratulations America!

However, its been a really hectic, tedious and uncomfortable day today. I just realised that I've signed up for wayyyy more than I can handle. And its bad. But I don't want to let it get me down cause I promised my boyfriend that I would try my best to be bright and happy.

I was looking through my Kerala journal and I realised that I haven't written much on it except for matters on food, enema,phone chargers, blowjobs, becoming bald and venting out on my mother! You know no journal is complete without that. And yes you really did read about blowjobs and enema in one sentence there.

I want to share bits and pieces simply because I am in a mood to reminiscence( going with the bright and happy agenda actually).

So I was looking at the airplane food menu and was very impressed to find Vegetable Biryani listed as an item. We Indians, particularly Bengalis really enjoy our Biryani and know exactly how much effort goes in to make that delectable dish. Even though the authentic Biryani has meat in it I was still impressed. However, being a little too fussy about food I decided to only go for a Coke and later if I really like the smell of things I might go in for the kill. 

Luckily, someone behind me ordered the Biryani. And I waited to see a steaming bowl appear out of nowhere. Almost expecting the hostess to bring out a ladle to serve the contents of the bowl I looked up expectantly and I find her uncorking a flask of hot water. Intrigued, I started peeking into the food box. She brandished a paper cup (like the ones you get your Cuppa Noodles in) and poured a powder into it. Then she mixes it up with Hot water, covers it with a plastic lid and asked the passenger to wait till the food formed.

I was appalled. 

Come to think of it...I still am. And I don't know why I thought of writing about this when I was trying to be bright and happy. This is kind of depressing. 

Ah well, I give up. 

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