Monday, November 12, 2012

Daring Childishly, failing Miserably.

Its Diwali today! And I have no idea why I'm this excited! When I was a kid I used to go to the baazi-bazaar to buy crackers with mom and my cousin brother. But somewhere down the line I grew up and began to believe that buying fire crackers is a waste of money. 

My cousin moved on to loving loud crackers and we agreed to celebrate this day in our own way. I light lamps "diya" s as we call them.And pray to the Goddess Kali for strength. 

Oh dear, I sound like an old woman already! 

So, this Diwali, I plan to do something fun, something trivial, something childish. For my own good. :) 

Will let you know what that is if I do it...I don't even know what its going to be. 

However, I ditched my cousin again when he called me to go watch a movie with him. 

This movie.

Somehow the soppy romantic ness just doesn't appeal anymore?

And I just realised I'm off to a bad start....:/

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