Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Of Burnt Hair and Veal Stew

I made a routine for myself last night where I pledged I would not spend more than an hour on the internet and its already been 2 hours today. And then I'm all fuck it, I need to write this blog post. And then when I started to realise that it wasn't really that urgent but I'm going to write anyway because I LOVE writing people! 

So my boyfriend has this really messed up routine now and I am partly to blame. He stays up to talk to me when I wake up. He doesn't exactly complain because he's sort of planned out his life that way. He plays Call of Duty and gets thrills out of abusing gamers who "sound like a 12 year old" and then I'm all "T Man what if the gamer is a 12 year old, is it really safe to use language like that?" and he's well...not bothered. Men and their games....I'm still trying to understand the true depth of their relationship! 

Anyway I digress.

So my dear boyfriend decided to cook a veal stew at 5 o clock in the morning! And as if that weren't enough he decided to test his cooking techniques and decided to flambe it. My mother doesn't even let me near the gas fearing my clumsiness so I shudder to think the consequences of me doing a flambe. And as if my fears weren't enough, T Man goes and burns his hair! He said his hair has turned brown and he needs a haircut.

I know hair is made out of dead cells and it'll grow back and everything...but was putting your hair in danger, really necessary? At 5 o clock in the morning?

:/ I guess it was because he just sent me a picture of the Veal stew and OMG....I am a lucky girlfriend...that's all I have to say! :D

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