Friday, December 21, 2012

Please tell me I am dreaming?


Mom: O God, S gave us really big sweets. I sent some of it to grandma. 

Me: Okay, great! 

Mom: They looked just like penises. 

Me: I don't even know what's weird. The fact that  you will probably offer me a penis for dessert, or the fact that you sent penis shaped sweets to your own mother! 

Mom: Meh. 

And then she went on to talk about something which was totally unrelated. I think it was an attempt to distract me. Well, it did. Till after dinner:

Mom: Here, have a penis. 

I declined politely. 

My brain wanted to scream a little bit. Cause seriously? I don't need to know how my mother envisions a penis and then eat it in front of her  for chrissakes! 

And this is why I would like to think I dreamt this up. 

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