Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Look For The Light" ~Karen Walrond

I found this video on The Blogess's twitter feed: 

And it really spoke to me. And I promised myself to appreciate the beauty of different.

I had planned to work really hard for an exam I am appearing for on Sunday. However, my Finance professor had other plans for me: she wanted me to attend a morning workshop. Moreover, she wanted me to come early as I stay close to the University. Now, this was particularly painful because a) I am NOT a morning person b) I would rather sit at home and watch Homeland that attend a Finance Workshop. Sad but true fact. 

Given the situation I did the only thing I could have: turned up at the early specified time, stay for an hour and come back home. However, walking along the path I usually take I "Looked for the light" and I found these moments: 

One of those really familiar sights in the morning

Notice how he's tugging at her to hurry up, he wants to go home like me. 
 Coming from a family where my mother's working, we relied on carpools to get to school. Looking at them, I wished that I had a chance to walk down the road with my mum, on my way home.

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