Monday, January 28, 2013

My Mind Is Clogged With Dirty Crime Scenes.

I play Criminal Cases on Facebook. And it is asking me to find panties. I kid you not. And there was this one scene in a pig shop, where I just couldn't find the said panty. So I asked for a hint. And they showed me where it was. A pig hanging upside down was wearing it. Like, seriously.

And guess what task I am earning stars for now? To examine a pink panty which has J written on it, which I found in a Homeless Camp. And why is that suspicious you ask? Because the victim's name in Jennifer!

This is the point where I should have an epiphany. Where I stop everything and go do something profound.

The holidays are getting to me. I am looking forward to classes, for a change,  that resume tomorrow!

Also I just realised that many of you probably don't play Criminal Cases? And you are probably thinking I am slowly losing my head or something? Well, good guess you guys! And as a reward I am giving you a song.
I'd like to think I was clever enough to discover it myself. But I don't lie in my blog so I'll tell you. Youtube gave me this song. They were like "You've been listening to too much of Florence + The Machine why don't you try this out for a while?" And I'm like, " there can never be too much of Florence, bitch, but I'll listen to it anyway. " And I did not regret it. 

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