Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Method.

I have been focusing on one thing a day.

This is a new method I am adopting this year. 

To explain:

Step 1: I get to decide what I want to focus on today. 

Step 2: what is my horoscope advising me to do today? ( for non-believers, you can skip this) 

Step 3: (This is an example) today my horoscope is advising me not to lose track of my priorities. And also to go to places where I am popular.

This caught me off track a little bit, because honestly speaking, I have not been much of a people's person of late. So I am thinking, hey! I am always going to be popular to my boyfriend(d-uh)!! 

So today I am focusing on my relationship with him. He is definitely a priority. :) 

So, what leads you to that one thing you are going to focus on today? For me it is a horoscope advice column. 

For you it could be dictated by other things. Like your daily routine, pressing needs, sometimes your heart is a good place to tap into. 

If you ever decide to try this, let me know. :) We could exchange notes!!

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