Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Street Food and T Man Always Makes Me Happy!

It is a beautiful morning today. 

The sad gloomy clouds that has gathered yesterday over our heads have shed themselves, leaving us with a sense of contentment that only good weather can bring! 

My life is starting to get busy and I am learning to cope. 

T Man's presence here is really really helping. He has been going through a hard time at home as well. And it is so good to know that I can be here for him through all the pain. And vice versa. 

We reveled in a lovely street food binge yesterday. And it was beautiful how small denominations of money can get you so much joy! 

These are not actual pictures we took. Cause we were too in love with our food to have time to pose with it! But this is pretty close to what it was like.

And it  was wonderful.. It was perfect!! :D

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