Saturday, February 9, 2013


You know when you see people getting their heads together and it looks like they're doing some serious group study in the department library? 

Yeah, I had one of those super-charged moments with my good friends S and D, except they were super-charged dumb moments. 

Here are a few examples: 
Instance 1:
S: do you get how the Gini Coefficient formula becomes that whole expanded form when v=2? 
Me: sure you attach weights and I didn't attend class that day, but I have these notes and it says here you attach weights like "wv" right here...

S vigorously puts pencil to paper and starts copying said formula from my notes. 

Me: wait a second, did I just read Cov as wv?

S: yes you did! In which case it totally doesn't answer my question and makes you look retarded for attaching random letters  to a randomly made-up formula.

Cue:  squeals of laughter from S and D; I am left feeling a hollow sense of....dumbfuckityness(I made that word up deal with it). 

Instance 2: 
S: hey, did you figure out how to solve for FGT when alpha tends to infinity? 

Me: my notes says here that we have to apply L'Hopital's rule because...~peers at the exercise book~ the FGT formula becomes alpha by alpha? 

S: you mean infinity by infinity right? because the rule that you're talking about only applies when numerator by denominator is 0/0 or infinity/infinity ~pinches her lips together trying hard not to laugh~

Me: I don't even get why I'm studying this subject anymore!! 

Making a fool of myself apart this week has been special because I received this in the mail: 

A postcard from Karen Walrond. Because that's how popular I am!

Except I'm totally not, because I filled out a form asking for this. But it was very special nonetheless!
Because hello? This came all the way from the USA to India despite all odds, all possible ways in which it could have NOT ended up in my mailbox...Come to think of it it's incredible! :) 
The stamps are so adorable and they say, "Love" 

And thus we arrive to my latest life Maxim: Be nice, it doesn't cost you, AND you'll end up feeling good about yourself and grateful for life. 

Also I just realised that was too lengthy to be a maxim but fuck it, it's true!! 

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