Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When Snippets From Childhood Start To Make Sense.

So right now my life feels like this Tweety bird and Sylvester cartoon that I had seen a long time ago when I was a kid. Goodness knows why it popped out of nowhere in my head today. Amazingly YouTube searches of "Sad Tweety" did not show results that were of any interest to me. Then I tried to remember, exactly what was in that episode because honestly there was no YouTube when I had seen it. No matter how hard I tried the only thing I could remember was this: 

 Tweety bird was crying: the ugly kind and Sylvester for once was concerned. Tweety would look at a piece of paper from his school bag and shake his head at it and cry like crazy! And trust me I wanted to know so bad what was written in there. Cause I could really relate to the pangs of growing up in school, even if you're a bird. But  Sylvester's struggle to find out spanned the entire episode. So I started to grow impatient and was on the verge of giving up when finally  Tweety gives in..  grudgingly..and shows us all what was written on it. 

Any guesses? Two words: 


And that's how the show ended. The weird part though? It is making sense right now, even though the kid me felt extremely angry at being played about like this for so long.

That's life you know...No?

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