Saturday, April 6, 2013

Steadily X4: Life Is But A Dream

Our tutorial teacher extended a four hour  class to a four hour  forty minute class.

And that's reason enough for me to rush to my happy place. 

This was taken on our way to the source of the river Ganga: Gaumukh. It technically means mouth of the cow. Do not ask me to interpret Indian mythology, I will probably end up getting myself in trouble. 

This was in a tiny village in the town of Harshil. We chanced upon it when we were taking a stroll in the evening. It was tremendously cold but there was a lot of warmth exuding from the people living there. They make their own shawls and have their own looms. And this man was showing me how a portable loom works. 

His quiet and calm ways are something I look to when I need to steady myself. 

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