Thursday, April 18, 2013

When Your Childhood Toys Are Cooler Than You.

As a kid, I used to love reading Amelia Jane. It was just like Toy Story except Amelia was the central figure here (like you hadn't  figured that out already!) and she used to get herself and the other toys in all kinds of trouble! 

For a while I had actually led myself to believe that my toys would come alive when I wasn't looking as well.. And I was thinking of this when I suddenly stumbled upon this picture:

So girl on the left is totally passed out while  Shoshanna watches (she's a virgin, clearly). And then there's Marnie, she's totally trying to go down on Jessa right there. I swear it's like a GIRLS episode on my balcony,except Hannah is pointing at something to Jessa, but we all know what they're really talking about right? 

D-uh! There's a girl right next to Marnie who needs exorcism! Seriously...look at her!! 

I bet, everyone would watch Girls if there was a mash up with Exorcist. And they're naked all the time. 

Could this show be any better? 

PS. I noticed how this post escalated so quickly from Amelia Jane to adult debauchery....and I did not even make this up.

You know why?
Because when I left these ladies out to dry they were totally not placed this way....I'm telling you...they come alive when we're not have to believe me. 

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