Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finding Poetry Wrapped In Little Nuggets Of Equations: Strange But Familiar.

It becomes a little effortless being good at everything else, when you know you can't have something. You can't have everything, sure. And when you find out, what is that one thing you can't have from life, then you become adamant in making sure that you get everything else. 

It's like a gift of right from....some meeting/seminar where Fate gets decided?

Today evening, I've been staring at two yellow roses that are resting in a makeshift Nutella jar. They cut a sorry picture, one is willingly drowning in the water and the other is shriveled up and resting by some foliage. The water has worked wonders for the foliage. But the roses are....dead. 

I've been feeling a little dead inside lately and also like my study table which leads a nomadic existence around the rooms of my house.( It prefers the one that has the air conditioner.)

 I seem to be belonging to nowhere in particular. 

There is nothing that time can't help one accept, of course, but it feels odd to laugh and smile and go about everything like it's....normal. 

Maybe I'm reading too much into things, but even the stuff I'm studying right now in Econometrics? Omitted Variables?:  talks about how an entire structural equation crumbles, because somehow you forgot to account for an invisible factor that could affect the dependent variable:  an explanatory veriable xk which latches on to your omitted variable or whatever measurement error you may have committed (because you are human) and refuses to let the equation be....consistent. 

An equation is being challenged here you guys...it's a big deal. And if that can happen, then think of life...it is loaded with innumerable omitted variables, stuff that we've simply overlooked. The sensible thing to do is to stop being so hard on ourselves everytime they crop up, they are bound to. Just use the next best proxy variable that can make your life equation consistent  again and try to make it work. 

I'm  totally geeking out here, but it's just making rare sense to me right now. So I had to write this. 

It's like the Universe is trying to send me a message of the purest form....

All I need to do is to hold on to it....

And Breathe. 

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