Friday, May 10, 2013

Mary Poppins, Your Secret Is (Probably) Out!

Really, the new and varied ways that people come up with to appease mothers(on Mother's day), should make for interesting history textbook material for kids in the future:

That brand is so old, that even I remember loving them as a kid. Of course it came in a much different packing(read:simpler,less red). There is really no parallel I can draw to it, it's the kind of colored stuff that any kid would be happy to stuff their mouth with because it gives an insane sugar high. 

My mom got these to distribute to the children's mothers on mother's day(she's a pediatrician). The fact that they qualify for mother's day gifts is kind of funny, because it's really more for the kids than the mothers, unless  you count this as a keeps-your-kids-engaged-(in stuffing their mouth with sugar) kind of way. Plus, they behave and listen to you at least for a day. 

And now I'm beginning to wonder why, it's named Poppins because is this some kind of allusion to Mary Poppins? Did she really make the children behave by bribing them with sugar candy? :O

Proof that this is more of a bribe than really a mother's day gift: 

Because look at the size of that card. It's tiny (the Poppins is bigger than the card, people). And seriously? Only word synonymous to care, comfort and concern? I say there are plenty more! Like Nutella, and your quilt,'s like they didn't even put enough thought into writing the card, because they're assuming mommy dearest is too psyched about Poppins to care about what's written in there. 

But seriously, Poppins took me down that very cliched memory lane, and it's more of a smell, you know? of sharpened pencils and  crayons and erasers and  old books. It's a heady mix. 

More importantly, I need not feel bad about not having a gift for Mom on mother's day because I'm terrible at coming up with gift ideas  I don't need to be bribed anymore, I behave and try to be a friend. A friend, that carries her own genes and is so much like her that she fears that I'll make the same mistakes as her. It's the best kind of mirror, if you ask me: A Mirror Of Hope. 

PS. I just realized I sound super bitchy about the card.But  I totally, appreciate the gesture... :)

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