Friday, June 21, 2013

Because Bath Tubs Hold A Special Place In My Heart. There Is A Story About That As Well.

I have become  two shades darker than I usually am.My teeth look shinier than they are because I'm so effing dark now. That is just testament to how much we have traveled. 

 We had gone to pick flowers. It was my Aunt's idea. I met this aunt after 12 years. I'm more of a aapreciate-beauty-from-a-distance kind of a person. So I found it hard to snip flowers. But I really did admire the lovely bunch she was making for home. 

We found a bathtub, out of nowhere. 

And suddenly I had this intense urge to sit and read on it in the middle of the field. 

I wasn't carrying any books then. Well I could always pretend to read. 

And then when I got to it, it was just strewn with dirt. Well what did you expect, is in the middle of a field! 

Maybe if i just perch on the sides a little. 

And voila! there I was...completely underestimating my own body weight, completely rolled over, hiding my self behind the bathtub. 

It was awesome. 

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