Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Don't it always seem to go /That you don't know what you've got /Till it's gone"

And I am back to where I started today.

I feel like this vacation was the kind that leaves you gasping for frugality. The kind where you wonder what it might be like to starve instead of stuff myself with another plateful of Tiramisu. I have gained 3 Kgs in this trip and a strange kind of insight: that one must continue working and one must always focus on something happy after the work is done. That is living. (If you exclude the six young men who flashed their shiny bums at us on the Seine river cruise. Yeah.That happened. That's another kind of living)

With more than 799 pictures of the places and moments captured, it is hard to choose just one that has stayed and made a lasting impression. To be more honest, every one of them has been felt intensely and some lessons have been learned, new facts about self has been discovered. 

I had no idea I could guide a very perplexed aunt, and the ever doubting mother through the streets of Paris late in the night back to our hotel.I never realized I could keep so calm when boarding our plane at the correct time was at stake, and follow instructions well enough to make things work. I also learned that I hate shopping, even if the malls and such are very strategically placed and packed with things which I wouldn't ever find back home. 

I learnt that I love nature. And quiet places. 

Interlaken, Switzerland.

Also I can eat.A lot. 

This trip has been an eye-opener. A peek into how things might be if I work hard enough to get to that place where I could have all the things I want and need. 

Meeting people from different cultures opens your mind in a way you never thought possible. 

Take a picture of that guy, he's the one doing all the work! Says the guy covered -in- clay overalls. 

No we didn't follow "Ghost" protocol.

These are just  random people we met in the ceramic section of a castle in Ludwigsberg. But they were so passionate about their work. It was inspiring!

Single, ruminating cow. My mother took this picture after scrambling through slopes. 
So yeah, I feel like this cow today. Ruminating on all that I have been through for the past two weeks. I hope  to share more of my reflections here... some feedback would be super awesome! 


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