Thursday, June 27, 2013

Glimpses And Peeks.

I hate the rains.

Because it makes you want to stop everything that you're doing and just sit on the cold floor or maybe even lie there and reflect. 

I've been dealing with some stress lately and it's hard for me to absorb anything beautiful when I am. 

But sometimes you can't help it. 

I sit in my car leaning against the window, looking out into nothingness, and she sits way above me on a rickshaw piled high with sacks of recycled paper. And she smiles at me from up there: "what are you so worried about? It's just paper" I almost feel her joyous eyes telling me. 

You my dear girl, are going to save the planet one day. 

I absent-mindedly pull my  nose pin and in and out of my nose, it's just something I do unthinkingly, just to set it right. And then I hear these giggles. These naughty school boys think I'm digging my nose. 


I watch a little girl, dancing to her own tune. Her mother's right hand holds her tightly by the wrist. She talks engagedly over the phone using the other hand. The girl doesn't care. She dances and sings and laughs, extends her palms out and uses her whole body to feel the rain.  And the rain drops glisten in the street lights as they fall pitter patter on her wind-swept hair. 

I hate the rains. 

They make me want to be a child again. 

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