Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm Done With Being Methodical. Unleashing Chaos. No More Parts!

Just three more days before I head back home. We’ve been given an “assignment” which we can work on from home. Till now, we have slept, ate and watched a shit load of TV :so it’s going well.

 Most of us are down with the flu and by most of us I mean everyone else except me and one other guy. My mother doesn’t believe it for a second. She is sure I’ll fall sick as soon as I land home. She could be right.

Our room smells of stale milk and my room-mate and I have narrowed it down to the cushions being the source of this smell. We don’t like to ponder over the how s and the why s. 

I woke up and went to the loo, I forgot to lock the door.  Then someone barged in. Except it wasn’t  anyone. The door was open. And no one was there.  It might have been the wind. I’ll never know. This is why you should always carry your paranormal activity laser with you, to the loo.

It could have also been Gepecko, the sparrow that never flew away, and therefore likes to haunt unsuspecting girls in their vulnerable moments. 

Our Apartment Owners have some serious quirks I tell you. 
So we’re having breakfast and my room-mate(N) says:
D I think I’m losing my mind a little bit.This is what they must call fever talk. 
Me: what do you mean?            
N: Does that look like a pool to you?
Me: which one?
She shows me this:

 D: OMG that is totally a pool

 N: That can’t be the much talked about wave pool though can it? I mean it’s not blue, it’s fucking dirty and it's green.
D: Maybe it’s a green pool.
N: Sure, cause there isn’t enough green around already.

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