Sunday, July 21, 2013

Part 1: Settling/Not Settling In

I started off keeping a journal for my stay here in Mumbai. I think I went as far as Day 2.

The rest of  them are there in the head. And sometimes return to me in my dreams and I can’t go back to sleep again. The massiveness of it hits me out of nowhere.

The flight to Mumbai was fine except that one time I saw white smoke just billowing out of these fringes in the ceiling and I’m thinking this has to be sign, I am doing  a bad thing staying in Mumbai, even if it is for only 21 days. But apparently it’s some kind of air freshener thing. Way to play a joke, airplane people. I am so not going to believe you if you tell me your hair is real.

My mom decided to accompany me, because she thinks (still) that I am making  a terrible mistake in doing what I’m doing. It was almost like she was looking for reasons to yank me out of the place and back home.

And trust me she found plenty.

The room we are supposed to be staying in was absolutely not ready for us. I mean it was definitely ready for hobos. And a shit tonne of lizards. And one of my room-mates(S) has a fucking lizard phobia. And she would scream at me and the other room-mate(N) and we had to rush out at as late as 1 am in the night to get the security guards to kill a damn lizard. It was that bad. I suck at killing things. And did you know that if you sprayed a lizard with Hit Cockroach Spray it just turns pink? And dance-y.Like it's been to a tanning salon or something. 

So finally our employers took pity on us and asked us to move in with some other girls. They were accommodating. And I’m just frustrated sitting on my bed, and I look out and I see this :
And just for one second. I wanted to kill people a little less.

We made some calls for food. And I find this on the menu card:

Butter Chicken Sala. Because that's how we serve around here. If you don't know what Sala means, it is an Indian abuse. And after having the kind of  day I had and reading this, I laughed till my room-mates thought I was probably losing it. 

PS. This place is apparently just behind a national park. So we've been warned about panthers and other fierce creatures. And asked not to go out when it gets dark. I am strangely tempted to go for a night walk though. 
Who wouldn't be ...right? 

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