Saturday, July 27, 2013

Part 3: Let's Get The Party Started, Or Not.

It's another weekend over here. So I shall continue with Part 3 of my stay here in Mumbai.

It was a little bit of an anti-climax after doing all that out-doorsy stuff when we were locked up in a dungeon in the basement to attend back to back powerpoint presentations from different people who were awesome at things we must know about. Of course I exaggerate when I say dungeon.

But I remember I was so tired that there was a point where I grudgingly took out my journal to write about my day and I looked hard for a pen inside my bag and I pulled it out, opened the cap and then I realised it was my fucking eyeliner. That's when you know you should just go to bed.

Then Mumbai decided to test us even further, by flooding the whole damn place. It wasn't even a joke, because everybody's family started calling with alerts and "OMG you must be careful, train lines are blocked up and maybe you should just stay back in the office" I actually considered that idea and then found some people who were complete bravehearts or complete idiots like me, and wanted to go home despite the serpentine queue of traffic that we could see from our office rooftop.

The others? They had a better idea: they wanted to go attend a birthday party in South Mumbai. Birthday girl had invited us as well. But we were not in a mood to all.

One hour later.

We join the seventeen others to go for the birthday party via train. Yes. Being stranded in the rain and not finding a single auto or taxi to take you home? Does that to you. That's when mania kicks in, and you stop caring.

So 19 of us (birthday girl would join us at the venue) go along in the train and I was...freaked. Despite assurances, I kept thinking wtf am I doing? But I didn't have a choice. It was exasperating.

So we go to this place. Birthday girl? Is jain. No booze. :) So we're all dancing completely sober.

Then five of us took a cab ride home across Mumbai at 130 in the night. My mother has no fucking idea,  about this. I feel weird even writing this. Seriously. After getting back home at 230 in the night, I fell asleep, while undressing. I pity my room-mate, who is awesome btw.

The next day we had to reach office super early. You know why? We had a code of conduct presentation. The irony is so stark sometimes, that I wonder if it is on purpose.

Then this tune was stuck in my head: and I didn't know what the song was, I just had the tune, so I put myself in that embarrassing place where I sang out the tune vocally to a bunch of colleagues and yeah found it:

Would I normally ever go out at 10 pm in the night in my own city, let alone Mumbai? to a bar?


We all know I would rather sit at home and read a book.

Did I hate it?

Not really. Maybe I'm in that place where these things don't excite me anymore. It happened. It is over.

What's next? 

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