Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Part 5: Please Laugh, I dare you.

Being a cheapskate in Mumbai might get you murdered/killed.

Yeah. Ask me. I would know.

Taking an auto that leaves you at your doorstep, from office, would be sheer stupidity, not when you have buses plying. Right?

I was just happy to hear the word “Direct bus” amidst all that Marathi and I followed my friends blindly.
It wasn’t a direct bus. It takes you to the entrance to the forest that we live in, and then let’s you go. It wouldn’t be fun otherwise would it?

So, the place where the bus leaves us off is superbly busy with the traffic and everything. It scares you because you keep getting this uncanny feeling that all this traffic is the number of cars running away from the hilly wilderness we live in, or maybe it is just the darkness that gets you.

We get down from the bus, trying to make our way through to the green-ness when a bus comes rearing at us from nowhere. It almost wasn’t stopping at all, till I shrieked out loud enough to freak my friends out. The bus stopped inches away from our faces.  

I don’t like to think about this. But I needed to put this in writing. Because it was.so.fucking.close.

Then we make our way to the other side. It’s still a long way to go. We have to wait for another bus, or at least an auto. But it didn’t come. We waited for ages till we decided we’d just walk it. It would take us an hour if we did. One of us suddenly has this bright idea of getting in a car. Even now, she insists it was a cab. But cabs in Mumbai don’t have clear visible signs on them. So maybe she was right, maybe she wasn’t. I don’t even know anymore. That ride freaked the living daylights out of me. And all I could think of was  if I have to jump out of this moving car, how badly would I get hurt.

After 30 long minutes, we  came back home, related this story to my friends. We had to submit a synopsis of a creative idea the very next day. And my friends are like “hey you already have a story. Except yours is more likeBedtime Stories. It came true.”

We saved 20 bucks from all of this. 20 bucks for some mind-numbing stress. 

Was it worth it? Hell no. 

It’s just nice to laugh this off.

It really is. 

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