Friday, August 30, 2013

Justin Bartha Is Very Convincing As A Researcher. Related: I Have A Problem.

I have had to do Skype calls with Justin Bartha for two consecutive days, you guys!!

And if  you're  asking yourself  who  the fuck is Justin Bartha, then I think you'd totally get it if I shared a picture with you: 

Justin Bartha

And if you still don't get it, then watch The Hangover maybe? (Although, I personally adore his role in The Rebound)

Justin Bartha is not revealing his identity though. He is pretending to be this research person that I'm supposed to co-ordinate with and get a tonne  data for. 

And get this? I was supposed to be on a call with him this afternoon, which was more  early morning, his time. And he couldn't be there. Because he had a shoot to attend maybe? Or do his famous girlfriend? Or some other crazy shit that celebrities are upto these days? 

Or maybe he just had a hangover. Hah!

Not falling for the I-forgot-the-time-of-call excuse,  Justin Bartha! 

PS. I can't help finding celebrity parallels to random people from Europe that I sometimes have to work with. It's like an ailment. I went to Europe this summer, and I swear I spotted celebrities everywhere.

 Not sure what that says about me. 

God help me if I ever go to America. 

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