Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Sickness Diaries

Mom's illness continues.The boss has given me permission to work from home, till mummy gets better.I admit I feel a little stranded and helpless. 

Naturally,  I have pictures: 

This is my mother's phone, every half an hour. 
You know what freaks me out more than the 19 missed calls? The 2 new messages.  Because I can't help but believe that some of those 19 missed callers are sending abusive texts that I will now have to read. 

Meds Galore: This is what my work desk looks like, right now. I'm obviously very good at this working-from-home stuff. 
Sweet Lime seems to be the only thing my mother likes to have right now, that and Gondhoraj Lemon. The fiery red you see in the right, is sun burnt mango with chilli seasoning. 

But that's for me. It's really quite yum if you like all things tangy. I bought it off the crowded footpaths of Gariahat. Gariahat is a market place of contrasts, where you'll find everything juxtaposed against everything else in the least organised's kind of how my mind works. 
This was the last thing I bought before my mother went into her fever I've begun to associate the taste of this  fiery concoction with her sickness. 

This is my den...the closest I've ever come to having "my own  room"..although it has very poor wifi connection,  you'll find me here when the house begins to feel particularly crowded, or life gets too overwhelming. 

I've been spending my time here this morning, while the mother naps between fever spells. 

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