Thursday, November 28, 2013

This Is Calming.

We found out mummy's got dengue, yesterday. I was so worried, that by the time it was time to go to bed,I had a splitting headache.

Here are some  facts about dengue, you (probably) didn't know. (Obviously I have a lot of time in my hands, to be doing this). Actually, this is keeping me sane, so stop judging.
And maybe get me some one whose going to stay up all night to make my mother drink water. I suck at being nocturnal.

What actually happens
When your mother insists on using a mosquito net, “because dengue and malaria are just waiting to happen in this house”
You probably shouldn't treat that as a joke
And obviously your mother now has Dengue, to prove a point. I’m sorry mom. But please just get better.
Dengue is not contagious.
Because that is the first thing your aunt asks you.
However, if there’s a person to mosquito to person pathway, then it is. In other words,  mosquitoes like threesomes.
It’s caused by family of viruses.
So it’s still okay to report to the patients that their doctor has “viral fever”.
Because my mother thinks nobody would want to come to her with their kid, after they find out she had dengue. Can I gun down society, yet?
Dengue mosquitoes only bite you in the day time.
You should have heard the speculations we came up with before we knew she had dengue. We blamed soya sauce and sausages.It was odd. 
These mosquitoes are total bitches…and very active vampires…except they are active during the day, which makes them scarier.
It’s also known as Dandy Fever.
Seriously? Dandy?
For something this vicious I wasn't expecting Dandy.
Dengue doesn't have any antibiotic/ vaccination/cure available yet.
Obviously, that would make life easier for all of us wouldn't it?
Every one insists her fluid intake should be monitored with strictness matched by a Victorian Headmistress…so it’s become a form of greeting for me every time I see mom awake..”How about that ORS?” 
Someone reported my mother has dengue to the Municipal Corporation. We're guessing it was the lab that did the blood test. 
People came at our neighbourhood with vanfogs...they're just code for terminator guns. The whole place got scary cloudy. And now everyone knows my mom has dengue. Society literally got gunned down. I have pictures (which might be uploaded later, when I feel like less of a sadist). 
When the fever gets over, that’s when the real trouble starts.
My mom hasn't had fever since last night.
I don’t know what to feel.

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