Wednesday, January 1, 2014



I don't know if you read my blog or follow it, so I'm not quite sure if I should mention the large number of days that have passed since I've posted anything; because that somehow brings on this added pressure of coming back with brilliant epiphanies that I experienced  while being disengaged  from the interwebs. (I have no idea why I just wrote interweb in place of internet). 

To be honest though, I was right here the whole time. I'd just given up on being purposeful about thoughts, feelings, incidences and other such tidbits that are supposed to comprise life. I let them float into the  mind, act their parts out and leave, like stage actors in a rehearsal...this couldn't possibly be the real thing, I said to myself. So I sat back and decided not to do a thing about well..anything. 

This reminds me of  these little puppies I keep stumbling into  on a particular route. They  look up at me drowsily if I ever dare to interrupt their snooze time/Tanning sessions in the afternoon sun. The first time I said a tentative hello to one of them he started to crawl into a safe place away from my ginormous shadow...and then promptly fell asleep mid crawl.

 I left. 

My mind is snoozing mid-crawl, at the moment. By moment, I really just mean a stretchy time period that may last as long as it wants to. I'm not fighting this, because I'm tired of fights. In fact, that's my key focus area  for the New Year : 

  • Kindness.
  • And a strict dental regime. 

These are not resolutions, just things I'm going to at least try to be serious about,  to get me through my days. 

If this blog post is boring you, and I'm positive it is, please accept this scrap of news that makes too much cosmic sense to me,  to not post on this blog: 

Source: She died on 22.04.2013. I think I re-read this obituary at least a dozen times. 
And just to prove that I really mean an apology, especially if it has something to do with me inflicting boredom on you, Here's a link that takes you to Marge Simpson dressed as famous style icons.

Please bear with me, this is the best I can do for now. 

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