Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mrs Sen Gives Me A Reality Check, Gloriously.

You know you're taking yourself too seriously when you overlook something like this: 

Mrs Sen : "It's a fuck- all ride darling, enjoy it while it lasts." 

It's been a  week of brooding and it doesn't help that I have an attention span of a fly. So I've been trying extra hard to make up for lost time, read between the lines, stay focused and please people at work. I know, I annoy me too. Somewhere in the middle of all of this I forgot to breathe, smile and allow myself to just...let it be. Then we went out on a work meeting in my Boss's car and my colleague pointed Mrs Sen (because her name can't be anything other than Mrs Sen, you guys)  out to me. And I'm like what the hell...this is my area of expertise..(My Twitter handle is "quirkyweirdo" for crying out loud!) how could I not see this sitting at the front seat of the freaking car? 

So yeah...I need to re-evaluate my priorities a little bit. And maybe visit my Optometrist.  

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