Monday, March 10, 2014

The Expanse.

I take immense pleasure in staying at home on Saturdays. My mother likes to call it: being  "the Big Bore".

 I have no idea how we've come to be such different people.

Moreover, my definition of spending a day out does not always boil down to visiting  one of the many malls of the city( or so I'd like to think). Because that's the general direction everyone heads to these days.Got nothing to do at home? Let's just head to the mall, and shop for more clothes, and more shoes and more accessories and more food and call it a day well spent. 


When does the emptiness begin to hit you? Or are we so busy multi tasking these days that we pretend to have managed to  shun this emptiness.. or fool ourselves into believing that it does not exist? Because it does, oh it does.

The Void is Great but it does not fool, it does not lie. 

 I am flabbergasted at the lack of choices, so I chose to stay at home almost as a form of protest. (This is how one justifies being lazy, see?) 

I miss the old Kolkata or Calcutta as it was called. It had more than just  malls, and the  concrete madness to offer then. I was not a conscious part of this sadly. That Calcutta to me was more like  a small nondescript train station, the ones whose names are so easy to forget on my journey through childhood. Now I only remember the essence of it, the easy implied warmth I took for granted then. I can't find it anymore, not even in my dreams. I can only read about it in books,  and sigh at the magical twinkling lights of glow worms that became such an ordinary delight in the author's world, simple ephemeral beauties,  that seemed to light up their nights. 

And sometimes,  there's  a paragraph or maybe a line...of familiar lost memories of my own childhood...

Fireflies belong in poems.  They have appeared in at least one of mine.

I haven't seen a glow worm in years. 

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