Friday, April 4, 2014

A Brief Recap.

I dreamt I was in a top secret research project. Except something was going completely wrong like it happens in thrillers (people dying, reactors exploding, you get the gist). And  this guy in the team finally figured out who the culprit was. She was the accountant with a stun gun and obviously she was present when the righteous man deduced all of this,so she stunned everyone except me, because she was confused if I was dead or alive. Because the whole time this was happening, I was lying down  with my eyes closed. I may have been a cat in my dream. And then this accountant knelt down,  tore my eyelid open and....

That's when I woke up.

And now I will  never feel safe in a room with  the accountant at office.

It's weird how fast everything's happened.. it feels like days ex colleagues shoved me out of the Uni. And suddenly I was walking into a world of dress codes, and this whole text book  salary lingo that I'm still getting accustomed to. My mother doesn't get it either because she's self employed. She thought the whole concept of Employees Provident Fund was really just an elaborate trick to reduce my salary unnecessarily. It was giving both of us a headache for a while.

And then there was the whole matter of the job. Being a part of the professional world kind of brings what it calls "networking" but is more like watch-me-embarrass-myself-in-ten-different-ways-in-a-social-gathering.   And it made me wonder if  there was  a job where people could just  talk without having any consequences? Because the pressure of constantly not sounding inappropriate was getting to me. .

And it's only been a month or so. I don't know what lies ahead.  But I'll just be happy if no eyeballs are hurt by the time I begin to get a grasp of this.

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