Thursday, January 8, 2015

An Odd Way Of Keeping In Touch

This is something I needed to write about because I went through an emotional night last December. We both did but both me and mom managed to keep it very subtle and probably went to bed with a head full of un-shared thoughts. 

My dad when he was so sick, trying to make Ashley laugh, she was 5, he had on a clown wig, with his support stockings. He was the best daddy ever, and to his only grandchild he knew, Ashley he was an amazing grandfather.

At least I have this space to unload...

Mom: Oh God, what time is it?! 

Me: 2115 Hrs (yeah this is how I read time for fun) why? 

Mom: oh thank God...the weirdest thing happened today. 

Me: Okay and what does it have to do with the time? 

Mom: I'll tell you. I got a phone call. Someone called and said "Hi N, your dad speaking" I got a bit of a shock because....

Me: That would have established the fact that they're setting up phone lines up there in the heavens? 

Mom: Yes. So, turns out it's my Other Father. Dad-in-Law. 

(Ex Dad-in-law actually, but in India we're traditional like that). 

He's coming on this quiz show that Sourav Ganguly hosts? 

Me: Dadagiri??

Mom: Yes, do we have that channel? It starts as 2200 Hrs. Get on with it. 

Me: But mom? are you okay? what did you ask him?? This is so out of the blue!

Mom: I asked him if he won. 

Me: ~sigh~ and? 

Mom: He didn't say, said that's something we have to wait and watch. He also said that he's 82 and is going to be on a show called "Dadagiri" that literally translates to "bossing around" so it should be fun to watch him know...82 year old man...bossing! 

I logged into our TV account. We didn't have the channel in our scheduled pack because I'm frat girl picky about the channels we subscribe to. 

We watched the show. One and a half hours long. 
This is where I would post a video link to the show, but the website somehow skips through episodes 8, 9 and 10 in its video archives. I don't understand it either. 

Dude won. No kidding. (Mom: my God, if my dad had to stand and play for that long, he'd fall) 

I called him up after what must literally be ages. And it felt weird because we talked naturally, like we've been doing it everyday. He said he missed me, naturally, like an affectionate granddad would tell his grand kid....and "did you like seeing me on TV?" and "please call me once a month at least.I'm so happy to hear your voice" I told him he was completely cool on TV  and that I would save his number.

I haven't yet.

 Maybe I will. 

Maybe I'll start looking at him as the person that he is..."rockstar" as Dada(Sourav Ganguly) called him... As someone who translates Dante's works and recites it in the simmering summer evenings in Italy... Someone who's goofy enough to say "I may have misled the way" when host Sourav tells him "you are leading the way with your answer" in a group challenge. 

Displaying 2014-12-27-12-33-38--435101129.jpeg
This translates to Swag in Hindi :P 
Maybe then I won't have to look at the pain and hurt and the bad years that came with being "related" to him. It wasn't was more like he was a part of the nightmare that my life had become a long time ago. 

So  now- I relate to him. Oh yes, I do relate to him. 

And just like that? there is peace and an odd sense of....being connected. :')

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