Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chris Nolan and Me.

Sometimes my head gets into this weird space. So I indulge in it and write out whatever's going on inside. Mostly they're just snatches of what to my head, could have been great stories and then I usually get super lazy and forget to finish it. 

This is one of those.....with a happy plot twist. 

It was a box. Many colors, many hues and glass walls that let the sun in. That box was a love letter from an architect to his beloved little daughter.

She would stare it for ages. Watch the patterns the sun made on the walls.This is where her invisible friends rested, where she'd have countless conversations with them in her little box of a room. To her mind, the world was a giant box with numerous shelves and hidden compartments. In receiving this box from her father, she'd told herself that this was one way of being part of the the series of boxes the world was. He'd made sure of that. Because he was a traveler, her father was, he'd drift away to different shelves and corners of the world and this was their way of being connected....knowing that she and her little box were contained now in the box that the world was.

This is what put her to sleep every night. An infinity of boxes pulling one layer of curtain after another till she'd close her eyes...the final curtain and sleep....contained in her own box of a body.

As she grew up, the box spilled over and her father didn't come back to replace it with anything else. She wondered about him often, coaxing herself to believe that he was probably trapped somewhere far away and couldn't find his way back. 

This is where I ended it because I didn't know what came next. 

Then they released Interstellar. I was repeatedly asked not to watch the movie cause "you won't get it." But then you should never ask me not do something on the grounds of my stupidity. When I came to that 5D scene I saw all those boxes...and my head exploded with the beauty and this strange niggling sense of familiarity... I can't quite put it in words. I squealed..."OMG...THIS IS WHAT IT'S LIKE INSIDE MY HEAD..THIS IS MAGIC" My friend rolled his eyes at me and said "see, I told you you won't get it. This is Science"

"Precisely," I said..."Precisely."

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