Friday, January 16, 2015

My YouTube Is Broken

Grandma: D, could you help me download Facebook and the people who live in it,  onto my Computer? I have a feeling they need to be saved from themselves. 

Me: That sounds like a noble quest but I'm not sure how you download Facebook and save it? I mean I'd look up one of those how-to videos for you on YouTube but my YouTube is broken. 

I'm not making that up, you guys, it's broken, see: 

This can't be the new look right? 
A friend says it's just because my internet is super slow. But everything else functions just fine. Why is Technology trying so hard to be a Sherlock episode? I don't get it. 

Also I just said "my YouTube is broken" , in a legitimate conversation. With my grandma. 

It can only get better right? 

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