Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hugging Hulk

I've adopted a plant. No really.

It's what mom got for World Asthma Day (May 5). I never had the gardening bug in me. I don't even know what these flowers are called. Tried to do a Google search of the image, ended up doing those "what flower are you" quizzes instead. (FYI: Lily). 

But I've been going to the districts quite a bit over the past year. It started with Haldia...Tamluk...Mahishadal..(I've written about it here) 

Then a sunny winter morning found us in Jejur, a small hamlet tucked away in Hooghly. 

This year we made a short trip to the naval base in Diamond Harbour and yesterday work took me to Dhapdhapi a rugged unforgiving block in Baruipur. 

But there was God was there green. There were jackfruits, jamruls hanging low and effervescent litchis (careful, my colleague warned me. This is an arsenic infested area...guess what's watering those fruits. ) I don't care I thought to myself. Death by arsenic. So.Be.It. 

And so I've been shaken out of the many clouds that my head usually tucks itself into. Let's see if I have green fingers. (Because then I qualify for Hulk's girlfriend too right? He's hot)

Here's to growing some roots... here's to giving in to the little bits and pieces of the maternal urges that I know are kicking in...It comes with age, I suppose... This need to protect, preserve and hold dear to oneself.

Updated: The aunt has finally come to the rescue. The plant is called Vinca or Periwinkle or old maid. Seriously. Old Maid. And you know what? We're going to do just fine old maid and I. Just fine. 

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