Monday, May 4, 2015

May The Force Be With You

I was wondering about May. I kind of like May. It's at that precarious edge where it's not half a year yet and there's the heady mix of summer, freshness even (the heat hasn't gotten half as unbearable as June and July).

More importantly, to me, May is the month of hope...of taking things in your stride and accepting them. 

 I accept that I am not the bunk-your-work-and-travel-for-fun kind of person.  I like rules, adhering to them even. So this month I stay at home and follow business as usual as the mother and the aunt enjoy a trip to Ladakh. Of course the repercussions of the earthquake and a host of other worries cloud my mind while mom makes excited calls to the travel agent and hunts suitcases for that one woollen garment that she knows would be ideal for Ladakh. It's dizzying being near her at this time, infectious even. 

I realise that this might mean that there won't be any vacations for me this year...

But that's okay because I get to  spend  more time with the city. Every day...I  fall in love with it a little more. 

A Sliver of A Fair 

It's nothing magnanimous really...I'd be walking down a quiet, lit up lane, there'll be an occasional whirring of a bike passing me by, a random kid running along...and I'll look up at the sky and the moon will take me by surprise...against the dark sillhouette of the houses. It is sharp and golden  and calming like a little glob of amrutanjan balm on a lingering headache... 

That's when I know the city has my heart in its blanket of dreams, in all its familiarity and it's constant urge to 

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