Friday, September 25, 2015

"What do people do when they aren't working?"

I blame the long weekend for the suddent onslaught of posts I am subjecting you to.

Get ready for a play by play of exactly how gloriously I spent my Friday. I'll tell you why I feel need to do that though. It's because of something my Boss said last week. We were planning to leave home early in anticipation of raucous festivities on the streets in lieu of a Pujo and she said "What do people do when they aren't working?"

So here goes...

Maybe they take that pending guitar lesson. Learn how to tune the strings. It's fascinating. 

Maybe they go out and watch a good movie Boss...and spill popcorn all over their black t-shirt and eat a lot of popcorn even after the movie is over because why not? and because cheese dust. Yum. 

Maybe they also binge on dirt. The good kind. 

Chicken and tequila stuffed in potatoes...because that is apparently a thing..who knew Boss..who knew?!

Maybe they unexpectedly bump into has-been ancient Hindi soap stars who smile at them kindly and they feel weepy because soap star suddenly reminds them of a part of a life that is so dead right now.

Yeah. Just when the evening couldn't get any weirder
Maybe ...just maybe Boss they speed past empty stretches of streets that they only know as being  jam packed blocks of frustration that separate their home from their office.

You should try it some time Boss. Put your windows down, don't worry about the hair. Crank the music up and just....ride. 

PS. If I am the last person to watch Everest then this is a little redundant..but if not...please do. It's beautiful heart breaking and everything a movie should be. 

PPS. I don't know if my blog should have a trivia of the day thingy but there's this semi precious gemstone called Iolite. And it's of a unique blue black shade that reminds me of Dr Who a lot...and I know Sapphire is supposed to be my birthstone but I am adopting Iolite. It's me in a stone(nut)shell. 

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