Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016- Love Is My Weapon

Happy New Year!

I may or may not be getting today off (yeah, you heard that right- It's Sunday and I'm not sure). But that is not what my post is about. So I am squeezing this in, in this little microcosm of hopeful uncertainty that I am enjoying right now- do forgive the typos. 

I've mentioned my granddad who lives in Germany and is now in hospice care. Grandma shares updates on him through mail and every time we see a mail from her- there's an awkward combination of hope and fear that unannounced news always brings with it.

Since I've been absent on all things domestic lately  I missed that mail and I read about it later on WhatsApp. I asked for the contents of the mail and my Aunt forwarded it to me... so at the stroke of midnight hour on the New Year, while traveling back home from work in the car,  I read this beautiful mail... and I wanted to share it with you because it made my life worth living again. 

I have transcribed this verbatim, there are some obvious typos in the mail, also grandma is German and hence writes it this way, but I think that's what makes the words ring truer and dearer, to me. 

Subject: Shyamda (in Bengali Da is appended to a name to denote respect, it's literal translation is elder brother) 

Dear Family, 

As there are no significant changes in Shyamdas condition, I o not write more often. 

Today I just wont to say, "Happy New Year" to all of you. 

In the carehome today we both wonted to drink a glass of champagne together- but we could not open the bottle. So, tomorrow I will take some tool with me. The year is still young enough to welcome it. 

Regards and lots of love, 

Yours S. 

It broke my heart into little pieces and then the pieces melted in the warmth of the affection these two have for each other, the melted pieces then fused together and became stronger...with love. 

My wish for you this new year is the hope and prayer that you find love in the direst of circumstances, like my grandparents. I wish that you find your team and in turn...your that no amount of distance or separation or the fear of separation could get in the way of what you share and give to your team. 

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