Sunday, March 6, 2016

That One Post Where I Don't Whine And Nag

The little joys of going solo: 

- being consciously aware of the diversity of my thoughts which don't necessarily have to concentrate around one person any more 

- Allocating my time in a way that doesn't have to factor in time that I have to spend "conversing" and "sharing" (I am such a sociopath)

- Being interested or curious about a member of the opposite/same sex without constantly questioning  what that indicates about my feelings for my partner. 

- Having unreasonable expectations about what an ideal partner should be like, my knight be wearing leather stockings y'all B~)

- The luxury of saying NO to random "friends" who are trying out their luck with you. Add to that the beauty that honesty is- "I'm busy now, could you may be not send me those porn videos that I will without a doubt find offensive and question my life's choices over, for no fault of my own? Don't make me question my life's choices sweetie, you have a good night now." The beauty, I tell you... 

- Ogling and dreaming about Christian Grey ~smirk~ I dare you to laugh at me. 

- Being open to possibilities, experimenting..Really sitting and reflecting on what I'm passionate about and what are the steps I could take to follow that path. 

-Not worrying over my partner's actions that I know are hurting me but are beyond my control or influence 

- Making my decisions entirely based on what suits me, zero compromises

- Not having to take a stance, just because of the whole "moral support" issue- the  I- need-you-to support-this-cause-that- you-don't- really- care- for, but you're my bae so do it NOW. 

- Facebook is not a minefield any more. Enough said. 

- Seeing people for who they really are, as opposed to who your partner thinks they are. Because there are these complex feelings (that I am going to fare rather badly in explaining here) but I tend to get carried away...quite a bit and I forget where I stop and he starts. I'm a monster in a relationship, trust me.

-When you remember all the mistakes you made and the things that went wrong, it has got to make you a kinder person to people you meet everyday.These are just random people who traverse the same path you do...with nothing to gain or lose from you except the space you share with them in the markets, in the public transport, in you smile at them and help them when you can...I think it makes you really aware of the general more mundane part of life...but you see them in a fresher way? (Does that make sense? ) opposed to fixating on one person and one feeling. It's a welcome and sometimes exciting change!

- When friends come to you, clutching their hearts and say "OMG I can't bear this sadness anymore. How do you do it?" and you nod slowly and hold their hand, start them off with this video and whisper....

..."Trust me, it only gets better from here." 

PS. Can I just add here, that this post is in no way an attempt to say that I didn't have some very fulfilling relationships in the past. And most of them ended because of yours truly. But like they say, it all happens for a reason...and although it took away some of my best bits...I'm here, writing about how at peace I am with my life right now. And maybe going solo was the best course of action for me- the best decision I've taken in a while now. 

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