Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Thing About Blossom Is That I Can't Ask Her To Poop On Her Own Head Or Can I? Is That Like Saying Go Fuck Yourself But In Pigeon Code?

Sometimes I get visuals that  appear just before drifting off to sleep...and this just happened to be one that I remembered and then I wanted to make a hundred word story out of it: 

She cried enough to feel the tears pool around her eyes. They sealed her eyes shut- ice-cold rocks that would not let her feel the pain...for a while.
When the sun screamed her awake, the tears melted into a pool of diamonds.
She rented the pool to her neighbor Blossom, the pigeon. Well, Blossom was more of a squatter by the sill really.

A Bhil Painting - No Relatives of Blossom 

Blossom: I can’t pay a penny for such luxuries my dear.
She: That’s okay, I only cried all night for it, no biggie.

Blossom: Calm down sweetie, it’s only just a glittery pool.  You could do better. 

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