Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Because I Am Feeling Indulgent

It is surprising how you have learnt so well
Those buttons that make me quiver like a leaf through my own moral hell.
You hold me, grip me with your words
In a trance I give in to the needs that flutter inside me like hungry birds.

For the next one hour, I let you take me through
The reds, the oranges and bursts of dainty blues,
I look at you, and there's not an inch 
That into my being, the brain won't permanently singe 

In the cavernous depths of our cries 
You're here, you're here, who would dare deny? 
The mind races to imagine what it would be 
If I really felt your skin, your face against me. 

My mind is a afloat and scattered
People are talking at me and  nothing else could ever have mattered.
There's you, there's me, there's us and the losing of all sensibility
Why must you know what to say, how to shred away the last remnants of stability?

I listen for you patiently, I want more.
More than is my fair share of the way you adore. 
You have probably drifted off to sleep
And  left me to  laugh at my stupidity and weep. 

Source: etsy.com
P.S so some of you sweet readers have DMed me saying "Damn girl, you write about sexy times now?" And to them I have replied, "why couldn't this be a conversation between the sky and the sun and their sexy times?" They have asked back, " well it talks about an hour, that's why?" and yes, it does, but isn't a day like an hour for the sky? I thought the picture at the end of this and the "reds, the oranges and the bursts of dainty blues" would give away what I was trying to do...but clearly I suck at this :P So anyway, I thought I'd write something here just for the record.

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