Monday, June 27, 2016

What Necrophilia And Pretty Wedding Cards Share In Common

There is the stumble when you find yourself at an age where certain things don't excite you as much as they should. Marriage, for instance. I'm yet to figure out completely, exactly what that's supposed to mean and what is it that I don't like about it. But this post is not a rant about marriage. 

On the contrary, I wanted to share the one aspect of marriage that I love - it's silly, but I am a complete idiot about pretty wedding cards. They don't have to be fancy or anything, just the ones that you know tell a story-carefully thought of ones. 

And then a part of me asks me, Why D, Why do you hate trees so much? It's a complete waste of paper and God knows what else. 

But Look! (does this count as copyright infringement?) I am sorry,
But this is just to make you see what I mean. 
Also I get it if you don't get it. That's okay, to each weird obsession his/her own I say! 

Then a brilliant idea strikes me that I share on a Whatsapp group ( that's how Whatsapp works, if you aren't in a Whatsapp group you aren't doing it right, apparently.)

Me: If I ever married, I would have used dead leaves to send out invitations- you know just the ordinary ones that we keep trampling on. It would have been brilliant but you know, some things are better left to the imagination. 

Hesitant Friend 1 : We can work something out using those for sure. 

Me: Really? Like, how about I get married just to see this whole amazing dead-leaves-for-wedding-cards idea through. And then I hack hubby to death on my wedding night and bury him under the pile of leaves that will I'm sure accumulate around the place, you know from all the "littering" except it's not littering, because it came from the ground anyway? Okay I am getting excited about this! you guys have to help me bury the body. 

Hesitant Friend 1 : You finally mustered up some courage and got started on those GoT episodes that the whole world has seen 5 years ago, didn't you? 

Hesitant Friend 2: D, sometimes I read what you say, chuckle a bit and then pray to God that it is a joke. 

Yes, I do tend to elicit that response in general. I'm like that weird Necrophilia post that's doing the rounds on Fb. Unintentionally funny but will make you wince and laugh at the same time nonetheless- a very difficult response to elicit, if you ask me. 

Yup. This happened. Also someone shared this on my timeline, in a ooo new
word, how cool kind of way- and not look at this craziness kind of way?
I don't know what to be more disturbed about, now. 

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