Sunday, August 28, 2016

Heart Break.....

Yesterday I attended a Greek festival. An old Greek lady came up to our table and said "Is this taken?" And that was it. She was a part of our table, us Uni babblers and her. 

She turned around, looked at me, the sun was hitting her face at an angle and she said, "My God, you are beautiful. " And I wanted to say, "what are you talking about, YOU are beautiful." But I didn't. I smiled, said thank you and laughed it off.

She was like my grandmother. My grandmother is beautiful, fair and spunky. If she'd like something I'm wearing, she would compliment me and say "you look beautiful. Ask your mother to buy all variations of this dress for you." Oh she has style and cooked like a diva despite the fact that she had to deal with a broken leg and an arm. 

She is no more. I just found out while randomly calling my mom on Skype.

It's so hard for me to write about her in the past tense. To know that July 30 was it... that I would never see her again. 

I have always been at the heart of bad news. To be so far away and be smacked in the face with it is not something I had prepared myself for. 

I am sharing a song she liked here, 

Translated : 

This jewel studded necklace is not my style 
It hurts and pokes at me when I try to wear it 
It pains when I try to remove it 
This jewel studded necklace doesn't suit me. 

It chokes me up and I can't sing 
My mind is elsewhere, and I can't set my mind to work 
This jewel studded necklace is not my style 

That's why I wait, so I can bedeck you with my necklace instead 
It would bring me so much relief.... 
Welcome me with garlands and flowers 
I can't bring myself to face you with this jewel studded necklace. 

I hope she found the relief that she so wanted and struggled for all her life. Rest in peace you beautiful sweet woman. We all hope and strive to have a little bit of your talents scattered around in us. Look out for me. I will miss you.... so so much. 

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