Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Sackful of Nothing And Everything

I am in love. 

Different kinds of love. 

Time and space make you realise that there can be many kinds, kinds that are far from the romantic dreamy solutions we always tend to want as the logical conclusion to all the thoughtful stories that we think the world is made of. 

Every time I get dreamy I message a friend and she tells me "find a friend D, those are rarer than lovers." 

She is right.

Also she has the whole adulting thing sorted while I cry over my grades and the pressure of grad school to her. It has been crazy to use an oft used phrase to describe indescribable things and feelings. 

I'm sure I have changed a lot and I don't even realise it. 

I haven't been very faithful to my blog here, in recording all the ups and downs. But I am sure there's nothing I would write here that you haven't already read at least once and have tucked away somewhere in the obscure corners of your mind. And I'll begin to say it and you'll roll your eyes at me and say...ah that story,  

I don't have anything bombastic or new to write here. Except its pretty damn bombastic and new to me because it has  been happening to yours truly. 

Sometimes I worry that I will never have observant clever things to write about for my blog because I talk too much and never stop and look at what's actually going around. 

There are just these... people moments places.... and life has a way of meandering around the good stuff and the bad like it's trying to show me some kind of a dangerous dance show that I can never get out of alive. 

O wait. Right. Of course. 

I guess I am living a little. And loving these little pieces of pure beauty that life is throwing my big deal.. no it is a really very big deal. 

Stay warm. 

Until next time.... 


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