Music And Me (Because I suck at Page Titles)

I've been feeling very old lately. Mostly because I keep remembering old songs and it hits me out of nowhere, like when I'm in the shower and I blurt out a tune. Then my mind registers it and goes...hey! I remember that song.Then I grin stupidly and for a split second, everything feels right with the world.

And then I had this terrible idea of putting up eleventy billion YouTube videos and calling it a page tracing the origins of my musical tastes and preferences from time immemorial. It ended up being  I- want- to- bang -my- head- against- the- wall- while- it- loads kind of page. 

So off with their heads, those videos. 

Now there's going to be songs that I'm crushing on at the moment (and has nothing to do with "latest hits" it's just songs that come to mind, linger and go the beauty that transience is.)

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