Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Giving in To My Holi Urges!

I have never played Holi in university. I just found throwing rotten eggs and mud, pretending it's all a part of the celebration of colors: icky. 

But yesterday, something in the way my friends kept saying it was the last Holi in the University, struck home. I asked myself if I was hiding behing the dirty facade of eggs and mud from really letting my guard down and be smeared. Was I afraid to get dirty? How bad could it really be? 

And it wasn't bad at all...

Me, D and S. 

Masters in Economics batch of 2011-13
Overheard at the color shop: 

Students: Can we have some rotten eggs please?

Seller: They're over. We have perfectly fine eggs now.

Student: Ah, damn. Give us those then. 

As I trudged back home, slurping on Bhang Kulfi, I kept asking myself if I'd really enjoyed this or forced myself to play along just because it was the last time I would have to face this madness. Then I heard this voice going "don't overthink it. It's spring. You had fun. Do you really want this to stand for something? Cause it doesn't. It just shows that you can be a little less of a prude sometimes. 

That voice was me. 

And I listened to me. 

And kept wondering if I should come up with better Holi apparel? Like Holi gowns with vaccuum cleaners attached to its train? 

Shutting up now.