Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm Drunk.In The Best Possible Way.

In one of those really frustrating moments when I couldn't open the  gate to my Dida's  house, I realized that the two way latch was actually locked on my side of the gate instead of the other side. I really didn't have to slide my hand treacherously through the grills to get the gate open. I just had to slide the latch and open.the.damn.gate. 

Then there was the issue of how my grandmother's attendant was flabbergasted with the whole concept of huggies, for old women. She struggled so hard to take them off my grandmother, that she finally had to use a knife to cut the thing off. Seriously, a knife. It is absolutely no different from the Mamy Poko Pants a kid has to wear. It's like taking a sticker off or whatever. You get my point right? The knife was so superfluous that I couldn't help but laugh, despite the obvious discomfort it must have caused Dida. 

I cannot help but wonder if we often make the same mistake with life. We cannot look at it simply. 

We approach it with a knife, or try to look at it in a round about way when all we have to do is to live it. Just live it. 

My work, has made me come in touch with people who challenge what their bodies are capable of The surprising result that I have seen, is that our bodies are manufactured to live, they have a  tremendous tendency to survive despite all fucking odds that are lined up against it. 

The funny thing? each of us have bodies. Each of us have this tremendous machine, if you must, to live. All we have to do is to switch the power on (breathe) and do. 

Today is just one of those days that I am awe of  how much living our bodies are packed with, like you know those super expensive Reebok boots that have a lot of wear in them, but we don't have to buy our bodies, we are gifted with them right from the very beginning...and I remember how as kids,  we used to play games and exhaust ourselves to the point that we'd fall asleep, that was us doing what we're meant to do even now, living out the life our bodies were gifted with, we played then because we could not do any work that had outcome, at the point, but we were always so ready to "do" . 

Somewhere, in this maze of growing up and becoming an adult, we forget that things can be simple, that maybe life is meant to be lived with the vigorous zest of a  child determined to exhaust oneself to the point of sleep (death). 

I am willing now, although this very thought is what my mind has been wired to fear. My mind fears a lot of things. 

But it's nice, to be a witness, and understand this, simply. I have my boss to thank for that.No,  she didn't sit down and tell me these things. She lives it. Every day. 

She is one of those very few inspiring ladies I have met in my life. 

The others being: 
My mom
My English Teacher
Jenny Lawson 

All of them have given me this, as a general message: 

It's not c'est la vie ~sigh~

but a hearty: C'EST LA VIE ! MOTHERFUCKER! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Why You'll Never Catch Me Dry Humping The Floor.

I keep going back to this camp. But I learnt so much there, so yeah.

Bear with me. 

Back there, we had to do push ups whenever we were late for a meeting/task. Since this camp was about team work, even if one person messed up  the others had to pay. 

And there was one girl, who couldn't do push ups to save her she'd just end up dry humping the floor. 

Naughty Kitten!!! ;)
Initial reaction from everyone else. We were very very confused. 

All of us tried to tell her she was doing it wrong...but I don't know...she just kept on doing suggestive wave motions on the floor, with her whole body. And since she wouldn't listen to us, we would start giggling our butts off...because well... the.girl.was.dry.humping.the.floor. 

And then one guy, who couldn't bear to look anymore, got up and showed her how she could do a girl push up: 

8 Types Of Push ups For Women And Their Benefits

And she says: " Oh! This is so much easier than what I was doing." 

And we girls gave a collective, " yeah, you bet!" 


It strikes me, that she probably didn't even realize that her innocent exercise was coming across very wrong to the remaining nineteen of us. 

It's all about perspective. 

Every time I feel like I'm in the wrong place, because I seem to be messing everything up, or people are staring at me funny(which happens a lot) : I remember this. 

I tell myself, stop doing what you're doing. You're probably dry humping the floor right now. Metaphorically. Which is even worse.  

You  just need someone to come up and show you how the right kind of push ups are done...

And when nobody does, I need to seek and ask for help. 

I try not to feel too inadequate asking for help...but I've seen most of the times, people are just too oblivious of their surroundings to realize that the person right next to them, could do with an  extra push.

We mistake this obliviousness for omg-everyone's-got-their-shit-together-what's-wrong-with-me-ness

When you look at this person all focused and giving it a go at her desktop, she's probably just worried about her boyfriend in her head you know? And she's just typing that loud so she can drown away her fears with her work. 

I have always been surprised at how much they want to help you, when you tell them that you're floundering. 

So yeah, scream, shout, cry for help when you have to. 

Maybe  that would bring better results  for whichever number of parties, concerned. 

And I try to do the same thing, for anybody else who is clearly on their way to ridiculing themselves. I have tried to be more alert to the feelings of others around me. 

 I try not to feel superior about it. Because hey.. this is part of being  human. We're all here to learn.