Friday, December 26, 2014

I Need A Blanket And Some Quiet. Hugs Are Good Too.

I've been tackling an impending sense of doom lately. It's a little stupid because it has to do with how everything that is beautiful and wonderful about my life right now will eventually come to an end. I completely get that this realisation is the stalest thing to hit me this hard, this late. 

But I'm gasping and stumbling and stuttering... and just, hang in there with me won't you? Tell me it's sad. Tell me it's the most crushing battle we face with our lives every day...and although sad, it's also comforting...and  that eventually all of this will plop into the massive well of oblivion and everything...even this sadness....won't matter. 

It strikes me that this is probably the most morbid thing I've written right after Christmas. I'm sorry. Please accept this video, as a token of my apology.