Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Put Myself Through This So I Can Draw Interesting Analogies About Life. Okay? I Am Wise Like That

It all started because I needed apricot colored underwear.

Salmon coloured Rose.
 Apricot- Making posh look easy since..
..my mind decided to get all obsessive about it.
I mean that's a thing right? when you're stepping into your late twenties you should have at least one posh colored underwear. So I'd kind of set my heart on apricot. I blame Facebook ads- love at first sight I tell you. 

Now I could have just been lazy and bought it on-line but I'd come across this 500 bucks worth of Shopper's Stop card just lying there in my bag...and I'm like Okay!  Shopper's Stop has that brand right? It's like I am fulfilling wishes and saving money..I'm a genie. A sexy apricot colored underwear wearing genie.

Then I go to Mall A and ask the friendly security guard which floor Shoppers Stop is on. And she tells me Mall A doesn't have Shoppers Stop! The outrage! So off to Mall B I go. In this mall, I walk in to the lingerie section of Shopper's Stop with bated breath.

"Do you have the apricot colored underwear that is going to change my life?" I ask the store assistant, all nonchalant.

"Why yes! we do.. they just came in today," she chimed. Did you hear that? just came in today...it's like fate! 

Me: "Okay I'll have the *utters size*."

Store Assistant: Er...may be you should try that size and also the *utters  (you have no idea what a fat bitch you are, do you?) size* 

And then I'm going to leave out the boring trial room bits and move straight to the part where I triumphantly  hand out my shopper's stop card to the cashier...and then he leaves me hanging with a "I'm sorry it says there's zero balance in this card Miss?" 

So I am confused ...like very much...but I still pay for the apricot goodness because damned if I go home empty handed after putting myself through all this. 

And then I start to very vaguely remember going shopping with my mother and buying a kajal stick with this very...(a second of phone call verification with the mother) confirms my impending sense of facepalmness. 

You guys. Do yourselves a favour and always throw your gift cards out after you use them okay? They're not meant to be kept as souvenirs, I sigh as I bite into my consolation shawarma roll that I have promptly treated myself to after this let's just say..oversight. 

I guess this is how you know you're getting old and closer to understanding the meaning of life even? It may look all peaches (and might I add apricots) from afar...but it really does make you pay in ways that you can't imagine. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Story in Hundred Words

“You’ll have to leave this place” her mother said.

“We’ve got funding!” they declared.

“So I finally get to disappear? Be on my own?” she thought to herself.

The dread started creeping in one tiny claw at a time, till it had finally got a grip on her whole reading shelf. 

But this was the dream! Why wasn’t this exciting her anymore?

“Responsibilities” the conscience whispered…"good luck trying to sleep at night mi amour”

“I need a doctor,” she croaked, her throat parched in the cold night air.

Loud ringing laughter- "that's what you're here to become you silly hare!"

Monday, February 8, 2016

Vulnerable Is Good

"I think we forget things if there is nobody to tell them to" 
                                                                     ~Sajjan Fernandes, The Lunchbox 

I don't know if that quote is correct but something to that effect is mentioned in the movie. It is the closest way to describe my relationship with this blog lately. 

Somewhere in between the worrying, the grief, the planning and the stress that January and February has been I forgot to document any of my feelings, thoughts on matters that have weighed down on us for so many weeks now. 

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I've forgotten most of those teeny bits of experiences that wither away into feelings like wispy florets of dandelion flowers...and before you can document a memory they are off in a land of their own. 

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I have just come back from a really difficult journey from a neat little village called Erzhausen near Frankfurt, Germany. It is perhaps my most favourite place in the world, because it was home to Chhor Dadu (who I have written about here and here. )

That sweet man passed away on Thursday and took a little bit of our hearts with him.... and it feels odd to recount all of those personal feelings here but Love is the predominant one. And it's always good to share love. 

Because that's how Dadu was...very very generous with the way he showed that he loved. 

And I hope I can instill a little bit of that trait in me. 

Huddle close and don't be shy to show that you care. 

Don't say it. Show it. :)