Friday, May 27, 2016

Crowdfire: Or maybe they're just really happy to unfollow you. ~Sigh~ Fair Point

Dear Crowdfire, 

I love you, but maybe when you do a little system re-design next time, do think about the unfortunate placement of the negative sign next to "Recent Unfollowers" . 

Give the poor souls the dignity they deserve! 

The Girl Who Clearly Doesn't Have Much Of A Life/ The Girl With the Broken Brain/ The Girl Who Is Maybe A Bad Combination of Both 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Neil Gaiman Nudging Brilliant Ideas Into My Head & Saving Me A Little. The Usual.

I was listening to A Phone Call From Paul - A Chat With Neil Gaiman (a neat little format if you ask me). 

So Neil says something quite interesting there and I quote, "Nobody in a story  gets to really look around and understand the story. The joy of our lives is that actually where we make sense from is not only afterwards but from the outside. And it's that point where somebody can say, "Ah! so, so and so, his discovery of this, changed the world!... So and so who had this life where he thought he was a failure- actually this is what he threw up to the world! This person made this happen.. and suddenly you take a step outside and you understand how things fit in, you understand  the shape of the story- you understand who were the heroes, who were the villains, who were the supporting characters, who were the love interests. And you also understand, of course, that that's not true, that's a lie because you'll just have to take one step to the left and all the love interests change, the supporting characters change and the hero changes....he's the story in which Charles Darwin who was the guy who discovered evolution and he did this and he did that and then you take one step towards the left and no, now you're talking about the other guy who went out and kind of figured it all out, but he never got famous.And now he's your hero." 

I must have re-played that a dozen times. Because this man...just said something in a way that I never would have imagined. That sometimes, when it feels like someone is hurting you to the point that they have acquired the features of a fire breathing dragon, and said person is making you want to question your very existence- wouldn't it be cool to believe that you, my friend, have stumbled into someone else's story? Oh what a sense of relief, that...isn't it? 

 The more I think about it, the more it makes sense, really. Because in his story he is the hero, with the whole fire costume thingy. I wouldn't pick that costume for me where I'm the hero of my story, I'd probably pick something cuter and in shades of pastel, but that's my problem. Also I'm so immersed in his/her antics that I've confused myself to be more than just a "supporting character" and I'm trying really hard to own a future chain of events that aren't even supposed to be mine! It's someone else's D. Take a hint! 

All my life I've been trying to be so careful about who could hurt me and who is perfectly safe and who has "jerk" potential...when all I had to do, was figure out when my plot is starting to look foreign, and realise oops, this is someone else's. So it wasn't ever about people being "bad" or "good" but only about recognising when it isn't your story any more. It's an honest mistake. And there's absolutely no need to get so worked up about it. Instead imagine a really uptight English butler telling you, "it happens all the time, Miss" and run along. 

Now I'll give you an example. If Neil Gaiman were to read this post (keep dreaming, D) and say, "but that's not what I meant at all you silly wench, you have nice hair, though." I shall curtsy and say, "Thank you Neil, but in my version of the story, this is how what you said, makes sense" and run along. :) 

From one of my favourite books by Neil. We're all in it together.
We're all in it alone. And that's how stories are born.